Website design & Development: Case Study

Managing retail and leisure destinations & commercial districts.

Background: As a leading provider of place management, GJR offer flexible solutions for developing BIDs across the UK. A bespoke agency, GJR needed to explain their very specific niche for 'driving of commercial and sustainable benefit from the effective management of retail and leisure destinations and commercial districts'.

The company posses deep sector and asset class knowledge, strengthened by its depth of funding and high-profile team. A new website was needed to demonstrate their capabilities to support developers in the delivery of their business plans.

The Brief: GJR’s ambition is to help develop and manage great places. This meant the website had to introduce what it is, how they work, their partners and people in a way that those in the industry would recognise and understand.

Professional and efficient throughout and the aftercare is brilliant. Tom also did an incredible job creating our new branded flyers, their quality is excellent. Many thanks for all your help with creating the perfect website for me.

Gary Reeves - CEO
The Result

Help develop and manage great places

What We Did
  • Clear service overview
  • Parterships demo
  • Sleek user-experience
  • Email marketing


The main objective of the site is to engage quickly and effectively with a fast-paced audience, and get them to pick up the phone.

For many business, quickly and precisely communicating what you do, how you do it and why the customer should choose you can be difficult. There are many components to achieving this. Due to the breadth of services and many USPs of the business, it was a challenge establishing the right narrative to put all points across and be persuasive.

We delivered a website that put the greatest asset, the team, up-front throughout. Using short and concise statements we can make it clear what the business does. We are proud to have continued to work with GJR across many BIDs nationwide.

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