Website design & Development: Case Study

Mortgage brokerage,
insurance and loans

Background: As an independent mortgage brokerage offering insurance and secured loans meant that the company is FCA regulated, therefore we had to strict approval process in order to be legally compliant. This meant the copy had to include legal statements and be ultra clear in what it presented.

The Brief: We soon understood that the vast majority of LT Mortgages new clients are referred from our current satisfied customers, which implied great service. This message was a key element we wanted to present to visitors so they had complete trust in the services LT Mortgages offer.

Professional and efficient throughout and the aftercare is brilliant. Tom also did an incredible job creating our new branded flyers, their quality is excellent. Many thanks for all your help with creating the perfect website for me.

Liam Thomas - CEO
The Challenge

Impress legal credentials and client loyalty

What We Did
  • Clear service overview
  • Minimal pages and no 'fluff'
  • Sleek user-experience
  • Lots of client reviews
  • Legally compliant


We ensured visitors were well aware of the company credentials being FCA regulated and CeMAP qualified, first and foremost this was a strict legal requirement that had to be approved before the website could even go live.

Next, we decided to intentionally have as few pages as possible so the offered services were distinct and not complicated. Liam was all too aware that mortgages and loans already consume lots of paperwork, factsheets and so on so wanted to ensure the website kept it simple.

And finally, the boss Liam knew that the vast majority of new clients are referred from current satisfied customers which was a message we wanted to push along with real client reviews.

What We Did

Mission Accomplished

Some things we really like
  • *Lots* of client reviews
  • 'Mortgages made easier' steps
  • Website simplicity
  • Pre-qualifying info grab


We delivered a website that introduces the company by put the greatest asset, client satisfaction, up-front throughout. Using short and concise statements we can make it clear what the business does above the fold.

There is a deliberate simplicity to not overwhelm visitors - all the legal mumbo-jumbo and paperwork comes later once in conversation with Liam!

The Result: Overall we feel the website is bold and represents the business well.

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