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Raising awareness of the unpredictability, grief and cruel reality of TFMR.

Background: This blog is a particularly personal weblog detailing a real and raw blog of a journey hoping to raise awareness of twin loss, the unpredictability of grief and the cruel reality of TFMR.

The Brief: The brief was to create a blog to record the journey this family went through. To help celebrate, remember and to raise awareness to hopefully help others.

Beautifully and empathetically built. You done us proud, we thank you.

Kimberley Benn - Mother & Author
What We Did

Mission Accomplished

  • Chronological blogs
  • Story-telling experience
  • Sentimental song-play
  • Real and raw photography


This blog tells a traumatic story, however it's intentions is to raise awareness and talk about an unforgettable journey. It's very real, filled with stories and sadness but ultimately with in memory of Luna to ensure her legacy will be lasting.

As Kimberley beautifully puts it - 'the moon will rise, the sun will set, but I won’t forget.'

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